Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. is the creative & design wing of Futomic Group with specialization in space planning, creative concepts & spectacular designs augmented by technology & theming capabilities. FDS has successfully delivered projects worth over 100 crores in the past few years that are not only fully functional but also aesthetic wonders. So whether it is an ultra-luxurious villa or a smart modern office, FDS has the perfect design solutions.

Commercial Residential

Ultra Luxury Residences, Exquisite Designs, Smart Homes, Quality imports from China & Italy, Transparent work process…

Corporate Interior Designs Corporate

Fully Automated Ultra-Modern Offices, Theme Designs, Functional Workspaces, Dynamic Workplaces, Fully Modular Offices…

Hospitality Hospitality

Exotic Theme Resorts, Adventure Parks, Thematic Restaurants, Jazzy Bars, Designer Lounges, Exotic Diners, Chain Concepts, Restaurant Automation…

Commercial Commercial

Eye-catching smart showrooms, theme designs, state of the art lighting effects, illusions, dynamic facades, digital signage’s etc.

School and Institute Education

Thematic Play Schools, Boutique High Schools, Expansive Colleges & Futuristic Campuses with theme designs, automation…

Hotel and Resorts Others

Designs for various chain projects such as Designer Spa’s, Salons, Retail, Concept Offices etc.