Futomic ThemeWorX specializes in high quality theme materials & designs for retail, hospitality & residential units. This division deals purely in extremely high quality illusions, themes, virtual escapes that bring the spark back in designs. So whether it is a UFO shaped Play School or an exotic jungle restaurant, a welcoming mascot for your retail showroom or a themes amusement park, we have a solution that will delight one & all.

Designer Restaurants Designer Restaurants

Exotic Jungle, Mysterious Caves, Futuristic Space Ships, Erotic Khajuraho, Mighty Punjab, Artistic Village, HawaiinTiki Bar…

Art Works Art Works

Designer Statues (from 1 to 100 feet), Sculptures, Garden Installations, Mascots, 3D / 4D Paintings, Miscellaneous Concepts

Empowered Hospitality Empowered Hospitality

Banquet Facades, Party Lawn Themes, Exotic Decorations, Welcome Gates, Illusion Cottages, Theme Rooms…

Amusement Amusement

Themed Amusement Parks, Exotic Immersive Water Parks, Bizarre Theme Zones, Adventure Parks, Getaways, Tree House Resorts…

Amazing Retail Amazing Retail

Showroom Themes, Life Size / Giant Mascots, Interactive Themes, Designer Gates, Optical Illusions…

Hotel and Resorts Theme Residences

Barbie / Disney / Animation themed rooms for kids, Spaceship / Jungle / Sports themed rooms for Teenagers, Aqua / Spiritual / Erotic themes for Adults